Thursday, November 16, 2006

What Are The Odds?

Bermondsey and I were at the off-leash park today, and we met the most unusual dog. I thought she might be Basenji, but how likely was that? I mean, how many Basenjis are there around? Ginger, her name was, and she was just a little bit bigger and heavier than Bermondsey--the two of them got into a bit of a kerfuffle. Bermondsey was feeling a bit threatened by her, as well as by the fact that all the dogs today were bigger than he is. Somehow, the started to run, which is Bermondsey's favorite thing to do, and as they raced around, cutting and weaving, I got to speak to Ginger's owner.

Turns out I was right! Go me! She is part Basenji, and part something called a "Freist terrier" which I've never even heard of before. She was a rescue dog, found on from Texas. This woman had even gone all the way to Texas to get her.

So what are the odds--that a Basenji and a "Freist terrier" were even able to run into each other, much less mate, much less that the offspring would go from Texas to Minnesota?

As Spock might say, "They would be astronomical, captain."

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