Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Glee + Madonna: Less than the Sum of the Parts

The much hyped "All Madonna" episode of Glee aired last night, and there were some great moments, but overall, not nearly as strong a show as one would want. I could recap, but Heather Havrilesky of summed it up so wonderfully, there is no reason to.

However, I had to grab and keep this:

It's a great homage to vintage Madonna, nicely choreographed, well sung. . .and the best parts are totally the guys' reaction shots. Kurt is all but dancing along in his seat--how adorable is he? Meanwhile Puck is looking dubious, and Finn is apparently distracted some something shiny.

Meanwhile, the girls are totally working the hell out of those satin bustiers.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Not writing. Too busy reading.

For the first time in ages I have more books waiting to be read and reviewed than I have ever had at one time. At least, since I finished my English degree, that is.

I posted a teaser and three book reviews over at the Book Blog of Evil. Go on over and check them out.