Friday, November 17, 2006

Day Seventeen--and the Laura Bennett Challenge

So, Amy has issued the Laura Bennett challenge. I admire that kind of ambition in a mom--that desire to get up and get going and get glam.

Without issuing an manifesto and without adding yet ANOTHER challenge to my November, it turns out that I did, indeed, dress up today. Why? Or, perhaps more importantly, HOW?

Here's how it worked. I started several days ago, by doing my laundry. Perhaps, like me, it takes several days for laundry to work its way through the washer, the dryer, the composting laundry basket--until it's actually sorted and hung and put away. I got to the putting away part last night. More importantly, I got to MY laundry (not the kids', not Mr. Sweetie's, not the linens, but) my actual clothing that for some stupid reason I don't do until everyone else's is done.

So, this morning, I actually has something nice to wear.

Mr. Sweetie and I were scheduled for a conference with the Bunny's teachers this morning at 9, so I actually got showered and dressed before then. What with some more choices available in my closet, I got a nice black tunic which I wore over some dark blue jeans.

But that was so spare--this long expanse of unrelieved black. So I threw on a silver necklace that I have that is long enough to show up against the black. Plus then I put on earrings, because they are easy. I happened to pick up a set that comes with a complementary set, so I actually put on TWO pair of earrings (yes, I'm double pierced) because they looked silly alone.

I usually just throw some eyeliner on, and maybe darken my brows and call that made-up. But I had some extra time before I had to leave, and I caught sight of myself in the mirror. And the skin tone could use a little even-ing out. So, the foundation was right there...but then you have to add blush, because otherwise you look just too pale. Then the eyes weren't quite right in comparison, so I added the eyeshadow too.

Then, I had to wear black shoes, right? Given the rest of the outfit. The only black shoes I can put my hands on right now have about a 2" heel. So that gives the further impression that I'm "all dolled up." And at least two people mentioned that I looked especially nice today.

So apparently, one thing leads to another, and unless you stop early enough, you end up actually looking attractive! Who knew?

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