Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Save An Elf--Or Don't!

This website is just too much. How far must a majority population group go to feel persecuted and victimized? "Happy Holidays" is de facto "anti-Christmas"? Maybe it's because Fox News has lost Congress, and it has to beat people over the head with something.

Michelle says it very well:

If it is such a spiritual holiday to you, have at it, celebrate, enjoy the meaning of the holidays and stop forcing your beliefs on everyone else. Happy Holidays isn't war on anyone, it's inclusive and comes from "holy days" so really, don't you win anyway? Do people really stop shopping at stores that wish you Happy Holidays? Are the stores actually enforcing particular greetings? Aren't we missing the point that it's the commercial, gift giving, secular part of the season that is being attacked for not wishing people Merry Christmas?

The "Save An Elf" website is giving us this useful information:

The Tally Board of who is promoting Christmas and who is not.....

Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays
  • Best Buy
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Staples
Does this mean that if we go into Best Buy, Neiman Marcus and Staples any time between now and New Year's, we won't hear Christmas music? They aren't sending out flyers in newspapers the day after Thanksgiving? Because the Elf people say these stores aren't promoting Christmas...

I appreciate the spiritual side of the season--really, I do! But take a second and think--what would Jesus do if he heard someone say "Happy Holidays"? This is a guy who ate with tax collectors, touched lepers, and comforted sinners. I kind of think the whole "turn the other cheek" idea has been lost here, guys.

Or--what would Legolas say? Now there's an elf I can get behind saving!

P.S. Don'tcha know it--the Elf guys even have a store! Because nothing says "I'm a Christian" like a cheesy drawing of an elf on a sleeveless t-shirt! Wear it to church on Sundays!

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