Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scary Women

What is it about these women? They look like they'd rip your throat out as much as look at you. Maybe they are lovely, maybe they are lad favorites, but they scare me.

Olivia Wilde looks far too frightening to be wearing such a soft pastel. The light lavender says "innocent" and "light-hearted," while her face says "I can project laser beams out of my eyeballs, so DON'T CROSS ME, bitch."

Meghan Fox looks like maybe she was carefully genetically engineered, and then vacuum-packed into that dress. As soon as she thaws out completely from her cryogenic intergalactic trip, she's going to kick some human butt.

J.Lo--well, for one thing, she's J.Lo, famous for being perfect. But I bet her twins are scared straight when she gives them this look.

At least you can tell she's not gonna wear any damn corset.


Anonymous said...

just found your blog and you are totally cracking me up on the fashion commentaries. Funny stuff all those crazed actors. Haahaa. :)

Cate Ross said...

Thanks for leaving a comment--I'm glad you enjoyed it!