Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes Gewgaws

I was going to call this "Golden Globes Gossip" but I missed so much of what was televised. Yeah, it sucks when you are called on to actually parent your kids during something as important as a televised awards show. So, I didn't see the big winners, I missed out on a lot of the post-show chatter, but that WILL NOT STOP ME from posting anyway.

Eva Mendes.

Loved the dress. Could not take my eyes off the necklace, which I did hear was from 1974, and really had to be one of the few things from that era that was worth keeping around. The hair? Not so much. It was messy--not artfully, intentionally messy, more like "I fell asleep in the limo while waiting to get onto the red carpet" messy. But she's so beautiful, it probably doesn't matter at all.

I've already expressed my desire for Susan Sarandon's diamond chain, so the other piece of neckware that is crave worthy was Beyonce's:

As the bootylicious babe demonstrates, you can't be too rich or have too many diamonds.

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