Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009

So, 2008 was personally a pretty great year. The family is weathering the economic roller coaster ride, everybody has been (mostly) healthy, life is looking good looking into the new year. Things I've especially liked about 2008--in no particular order:

  • Cpt. Sweetie survived a management re-organization that axed a number of other really good people. Not only did he survive, but he even got a promotion.
  • We had a lovely long summer on the boat this year, with lots of gorgeous days for being on the water without too many mosquitoes!
  • My Prius!
  • My iPod Touch. With just a couple of small tweaks, this could replace my laptop.
  • The kidlets were able to be in two middle school plays together this year, including a one-act of A.A. Milne's "Ugly Duckling" where the first 7 minutes of the play were a dialogue between the two of them.
  • My dog continues to be a sweetie and a great addition to our pack.
  • My depression continues to be under control and hasn't interfered in my life.
  • My studio continues to be a lovely place to do art and write.
  • I continue to be challenged and energized by my gig as a member of the Mom Squad for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. I have met some wonderful people I would never have met otherwise, and it's been a great way to see how far I have come as a parent from those hard years when the kids were little. Come check out the conversation here.
  • My girls continue to grow into their teen years with grace, charm, and balance. They remain excellent friends, and are still willing to show their affection for us as well.
  • My extended family continues to be healthy, secure, and I have even gotten to see them all a few times this year.
  • Our country elected a leader who acts with integrity, speaks with care and consideration, and has explicitly condemned Guantanamo and called for its closure.
So--looking back, I have been very fortunate, and I am grateful for what I have. My best wishes to all of you for a wonderful 2009. It's already looking pretty good, with GWB out of the White House in 19 more days!

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~moe~ said...

Happy New Year, Cate! 2009 should be a great year!