Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cool Kids Clubhouse at the SAGs

Marcia Cross: Okay, as founding member and president-for-life, I now call the Pale Skinned Red Heads Club meeting to order! Our first order of business--Dark Colors Really Look Best.

Amy Adams: Look, just because you are the oldest member of the club, does that really mean I have to wear what you tell me to wear? I mean, the aubergine you made me wear to the SAG Awards was a nice color, but did I have to wear the bow from the Neiman Marcus gift wrap counter?

Marcia Cross: As president-for-life, I hereby amend the charter to say that nobody may speak in a meeting before being a member for at least a year.

Amy Adams: Look, sweetie, I have been nominated for an Oscar. I sang on the goddamn Oscar telecast. I am a star! Star star star! Take that, TV matron!

Marcia Cross: Don't make me show you the pictures of you in that wrapping paper dress you had on last year. Don't tell ME you never bought your dresses at the gift wrap department.

Amy Adams: Arrrrggh! My eyes!

Marcia Cross: So, next item of business. Do we invite Evan Rachel Wood to join the club, or do we wait to see if she goes back to imitating Dita Von Teese?

Amy Adams: (sotto voce) Get her in here--at least she didn't get stuck with re-purposing her birthday present as an evening gown.

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