Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Golden Globes--Random Thoughts, with Pictures!!

Marissa Tomei, sporting her Pirates of the Caribbean audition costume. Actually, I really liked this look--totally unlike anybody else on the red carpet; undeniably formal yet looking remarkably comfortable.

No, that's not a belt, it's a sash, for holding her scabbard, ya scurvy dog!

Cameron Diaz, once again taking the "tumbled out of bed" look too literally.

Furthermore--what is with the hair? The two-tone look is just so bad and so obvious. If you are going darker, for a part or just for a change, couldn't you dye the ends to blend better than that? Or, if you've damaged the ends beyond repair, and simply have to grow them out--there HAS to be a better hairstyle that would hide what look like Extreme Roots.

The dress is a pretty color, but the hair makes the whole thing look rumpled.

Gerard Butler looks mighty fine:

Since I haven't seen "Phantom of the Opera" or "300" I don't know the answer, but does he always talk with just the one side of his mouth? I have no idea what he was presenting, I was so fixated on the way the right side of his face didn't seem to move the entire time he was talking. Did he just wear the Phantom mask for too long?

Drew Barrymore--LOVE the dress.

The hair--not so much. It looks like Angie Dickinson in "Police Woman", or like the drunk and desperately unhappy Ewing wives of the old "Dallas" show. This is not a good thing.

On the other hand, you look happy, and pretty, and the dress is great, so we're going to assume you were assaulted by a stylist who had breathed in too many hairspray fumes. We don't blame you, dear.

Big honkin' rings. What is the deal here? This is Evan Rachel Wood sporting a big honkin ring on her index finger, the only color in her outfit, and it's just weird looking.

Amy Adams had on a similar one--same color, and same finger even. At least hers matched her earrings, but still!

Olivia Wilde has one on as well, but I've already posted her picture a bunch of times, so you'll just have to go back and look there.

Listen, I know how hard it can be to stop when it comes to putting on sparkly things--and these are (probably) even real! (If loaned.) But unless you are either the Pope or Marlon Brando in the Godfather, put down the rings and nobody gets hurt.


~moe~ said...

To answer about Gerard - Yes.

Love your posts on the GG! I didn't get to watch and I love your recaps on the fashion! I'm just lazy and not going to comment on each one. :)

Great posts and pics though!

Cate Ross said...

So--does that one side of the mouth thing interfere with his onscreen hotness? Did they CGI it out for 300? Enquiring minds want to know!