Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Things They Say

The other night, Cpt. Sweetie was trying to convince both girls of the importance of math, which--of all the things they are willing to spend time on, math is the least worthy of their attention (in their minds).

Cpt. Sweetie: You know, it used to be parents told their kids to eat their vegetables, because there were starving kids in Asia who want your food. Now we tell are kids to do their math, because there are starving kids in Asia who want your jobs. In the future, you are going to have to compete against billions of people for your jobs.

Sursels: I didn't know being a janitor was so popular.

And she said it with such a straight face, with just the right timing. I swear Cpt. Sweetie fell out of his chair laughing.

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~moe~ said...

Classic line! What a comeback!