Thursday, January 22, 2009

For Football Orphans Everywhere

You say you don't like football? You have given up even watching the Super Bowl for the commercials, because even they aren't worth it? Are you a Super Bowl orphan, uninterested in watching the Big Game that the other members of your family are glued to?

Have I got a solution for you.

For the fifth year in a row, Animal Planet brings you the world famous Puppy Bowl!

Can you stand the cuteness?

While large men are crashing into each other, you can focus on various dog breeds playing in a large area with no interference--although a ref will whistle a foul if one of the puppies makes a mess on the field. Once picked up, however, play resumes immediately.

Last year, we were given the insanely popular Water Bowl Cam, which should be back again this year. Don't miss the kitty half time show!

In a move designed to pull your heart strings, all the puppies in this year's Bowl game are from shelters, and so are all adoptable.

Yeah, it'll be on in our house.

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