Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Golden Globe Trends--Corsets

I know that these women are fabulously fit and beautiful, but the look--the look just screams corset. Are they really back?

Christina Applegate is a decent example--there is such a stiffness to the upper half of this dress, the old 1950's strapless look, when you'd swear the dress would stand up by itself. In fact, Christina kind of looks incidental to the dress, like it's wearing her.

Lisa Edelstein was an early arrival, and E! spent a lot of time showing her. This picture doesn't quite show what I was seeing, which was a woman in a dress that held her boobs up like they were being served on a platter, above a cinched waist.

Amy Adams is a tiny person, as anyone who's seen "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" can testify--you see ALL of Amy Adams in that film, and there's not a lot of flesh there, but even she looks like that dress is doing a lot of work that she doesn't need.

Nobody, but NOBODY worked their gown more than Eva Longoria-Parker, and she looked FABULOUS. But just look at the perfect lines of that dress and tell me there's nothing but Eva under there. Yeah, I couldn't keep a straight face either.

Here's Sigourney Weaver, totally smokin' as she approaches 50, but she has a body that looks like a real human body.

Her boobs aren't up on a shelf, and she didn't cling to a bedpost while Mammy pulled her laces to get her 14 inch waist. You look at Sigourney and you really see how artificial the look is up above.
Yeah, I know, what a surprise, Hollywood is artificial.

I don't mind it that they are totally corseted--I just don't want to see it trickle down to the rest of us!

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