Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Winter Is Back

Well, it snowed again, and the Northland is finally looking North-y again. This snowfall actually covered the tips of the grass, and looks to be staying for a while.

The temperature has dropped, and we are experiencing thos classic Minnesota January days: deep white snow, brilliant crystalline sunshine bouncing blindingly off the snow, temperatures in the "oh holy mother of god can it really be that cold?" range.

With the advent of winter comes a new experience for the dog: although the temperature is deep freezing, the sun on the black roof shingles melts the snow and we get avalanches. Snow tumbling off the steep slopes of our roof sounds like feet running above our heads, followed by a muffled "swoop" and "flump" as it lands in the yard.

Bermondsey has gotten territorial, and has rushed to my protection twice already today. "Hey!" he yaps. "You stay away from my pack, you funny sound signifying whatever it is you signify! Or you'll have me to deal with!"

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