Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Christmas In Review

In which we post the Best Of Christmas 2006, for the gift-giving edification of the Internet. Categories are organized by the gift recipient.

Best loved gift--13 year old division:

Union Jack iPod case. In actual fact, this was a plain ole "crystal case" from Target* into which I taped a computer printout of the Union Jack. I had been contemplating iPod skins, but wasn't entirely confident that I'd pick accurately. So, I got the case, thinking that it would also allow for skins of her own devising--to which end Pony also received printable skins--which have not even been considered! Go UK!

Biggest thrill gift--10 year old division:

Heelies. Blue and white. Trying very hard to prevent rolling on interior hardwood floors, though.

Longest lasting appreciation gift--Man division:

An array of hot sauces of varying strengths. Mr. Sweetie is all about challenging his taste buds these days, and he's got a good selection of hot sauces now. He started in the middle of the range, and after a couple of bites his eyes got really large and his breath was a bit wheezy. "Not too hot" he gasped, "but you girls wouldn't like it."

No surprise there.

Most charming and surprising gift--Mom division:

This is probably a tie. First runner up is the Jane Austen Action Figure! With quill pen! And Writing Desk! She is darling, and a wonderfully whimsical gift from Mr. Sweetie. In a First Place tie are: a sweatshirt with "Varsity Reading Club--Since 1455" sewn on the front, and my beanbag Maleficent doll and matching Dragon avatar.

(I would post pictures here, but for some reason can't get Blogger to actually post. Tech noodling will follow, and possibly pictures later.)

Most obnoxious behavior by a gift recipient:

Me me me me me me me me ME! Because I got the iPod I wanted, AND an Audible.com account, AND then I had to figure out how to download the software to download the audio books I wanted, AND I wanted to figure out how to put my DVDs onto my iPod for my viewing pleasure, AND I wanted to properly accessorize said iPod...

Sure, I could have spent the entire vacation hooked up to my computer and/or iPod without ever speaking to anyone in the house...and I think I did kind of disappear while researching software and ripping DVDs...

So, I WIN!

Obviously, a lovely holiday break was had by all, here at Chez Evil, and a Happy New Year to you all too!

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