Monday, January 22, 2007

Breakfast of Champions

So, this morning was a VERY early morning. Pony is off with half the seventh grade for a week of winter camping and community building. Kids were expected at school at 6:45. At 5:20, Pony suddenly remembered that she was supposed to bring a lunch.

Maybe making a lunch isn't so hard for you. Maybe you have kids who actually like peanut butter and jelly. Or turkey sandwiches. Not so much here--Pony is a believer in the Hot Lunch Program, and really really hates every kind of non-cooked food that makes bag lunches possible. So, by 5:30 this morning I was scouring the kitchen for enough calories that she would actually eat, so she could even HAVE a lunch.

Due to my incredibly creative methods, I managed to send enough food. I think she'll even eat it. Among the items enclosed was a carmel roll that I thought she might actually eat for breakfast. So, after Pony was successfully delivered for her trip, Mr. Sweetie and Bunny came home looking for some breakfast.

Mr. Sweetie: Do you know what happened to that carmel roll?

Me: I gave it to Pony for her lunch.

Mr. Sweetie: Oh. We were going to have that for breakfast.

Me: There's quiche! [There was too! From dinner last night--cheese quiche, and a spinach-onion-swiss one too--yummy yummy and only a few seconds in the microwave for hot delicious quiche!]

Mr. Sweetie: Quiche? For breakfast?

Now, Mr. Sweetie is a very smart man, as well as a firm believer in having "normal" things for breakfast. Mr. Sweetie does not eat (ever!) cold pizza for breakfast. Mr. Sweetie would never drink Diet Coke before lunch. Mr. Sweetie is a high powered executive with a business degree from an Ivy League school. Mr. Sweetie says that quiche is not a breakfast food.

Am I wrong about this? Is quiche actually not a breakfast food?

I mean, look at it. What is quiche after all? Eggs, milk, cheese--it's practically the very same thing as an omelet, and surely an omelet is a breakfast food. Quiche is certainly a brunch food. And what is "brunch" but eating breakfast at lunchtime? Quiche is scrambled eggs made in the oven and not on the stove--with a crust. What is it about quiche that removes it from the universe of appropriate breakfast foods? But leaves carmel rolls in?

And consider this a real question, because I'll admit I've eaten cold pizza and Diet Coke for breakfast--maybe. Once. A Long Time Ago. Probably.



Anonymous said...

So did he scramble some eggs for himself?

There is nothing better for breakfast on the run that a really really cold diet coke -- although I think I would warm the pizza.

Peanut butter toast works too!!!

Anonymous said...

Traditionally, quiche is not a breakfast food. It originated in France, and is eaten for lunch or dinner there. It does have many of the ingredients that Americans sometimes eat for breakfast though. In France it's more common to have cereal or bread with jam for breakfast.