Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Because I'm Awed By Any Kind of Celebrity

So, I am going to have to post about what Mr. Sweetie and I did the day after New Year's. Why? Because I am a geek and star-struck by any kind of celebrity, that's why.

As I have alluded to earlier, we had a very close race for Governor of our great state, and the right guy squeaked back in. The inauguration was on January 2, and Mr. Sweetie's boss had a table for ten at the dinner and ball.

So, Mr. Sweetie bought himself a tux, I got a new dress, and we went politicking!

The Boss is a very generous sort of guy, and so several of us started the evening at the swank and "elite" reception held downstairs from the main floor. You knew it was swanky because you couldn't go get a glass of wine from the bar--you had to wait for the tuxedoed waiters to circulate with their trays of glasses. Nice in concept, although the canape trays moved much faster than the drink trays. You knew it was elite because the Governor, Lt. Governor and their spouses came and stood for photographs with everybody in the room.

Plus, when it was our turn, both the Gov and 1st Lady lit up to see me after so many years. It was like a class reunion, what with all the love and the air kisses. Way to impress the boss, huh?

Then it was off to the cocktail hour, where we vainly looked for some of our politico friends--VERY crowded and genial--and saw others we hadn't expected to see. Dinner with the couples from the office was lovely, followed by a stand-up routine by Louie Anderson, who was a bit surprised to find himself at a Republican event, but what the hell.

He did apologize to the Governor every time he got carried away and said "ass." Then more cocktails and dancing and actually finding the friends we had wanted to see and schmoozing and having a grand old party time. (That last? That was supposed to be a joke. Really.)

Mr. Sweetie looked stunning and handsome in his classic tuxedo. He asked my opinion and went with a Real Bow Tie, which he tied himself (he's got hidden talents, I'm telling you) and black shirt studs. Because call me unsophisticated and cancel my subscription to The New Yorker, but to me, a tuxedo with a tie just looks like a dark suit with a stripe on the pants legs. A proper tuxedo needs a bow tie, and there is just no two ways about it. And a cummerbund, not a vest--vests are for matching to bridesmaid dresses and we are past all that now.

Poor Mr. Sweetie: he had to keep apologizing for me and my liberal Democratic views. No one was surprised to see him at the Inaugural, but me? Little ol' blue state me? Which is just too silly, since I don't think of myself as a party member, but a voter, who tries to vote for the right person. Which I did, and then I went to his Inaugural Ball with my very handsome husband, and started 2007 with glamor.

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