Friday, January 12, 2007

Update* on iPhone

So, after my post of extreme privileged whininess (yes, I know. I was being obnoxious. I apologize) I got the following RL responses.

JoMama: Start hinting that you want one for Christmas. It's never too early, and that way, Mr. Sweetie won't have to guess about what to get you. (This is the "leverage your influence over your sweet and loving husband, who loves you too much to say no" approach. Elizabeth Taylor is probably the most successful at this maneuver, as evidenced by her extensive and shiny jewelry collection.)

Mr. Sweetie: Well, the obvious answer is to get one, and give the iPod TO YOUR HUSBAND! (This would free up the silver Mini for the Bunny, thus creating a household of tech-bots, as we each plug into our iPods and laptops and forgo actual human interaction.)

However, despite it's sexy good looks, it's In factor, and the general appeal of having the latest of everything, it turns out that it only has about 8 GB of memory, and that, my friends, is just not enough any more. So, it turns out that I'd have to have the iPod anyway.

Which is just as well, as my wireless contract runs for another year anyway. AND as you may recall, my cel phone is awesome and pink, which the iPhone is NOT.

*Should that be "uPdate?"

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