Thursday, January 18, 2007

How To Get Through Winter

Usually, Mr. Sweetie loves winter, and I'm the one grousing around, and looking at pictures of Hawaii. We were there once. In January. It was ideal, except there were no roses.

This year, with the arrival of his new mistress (the boat, you sillies!), Mr. Sweetie is longing for spring. The mild winter (up to now) is especially irritating, because we could probably have left the boat in the water until Christmas.

Anyway, here is how we are counting down until boating season:

Thirty days from now--Valentine's Day. Plus pitchers and catchers report for spring training!

Thirty days later--the International Festival of MY Birthday. Celebrations run the entire month of March. Plus, Bunny is going to Mexico on a school trip.

Thirty days later--Baseball season starts. Plus, we can take the shrink wrap off Lady Cliff and start spring puttering--er, maintenance.

Thirty days after that--L.C. is in the water!

Really, that's not too bad, isn't it?

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