Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's Called A BREAK, People!

It's winter break, and somehow, I have managed to survive without the cradling embrace of the internet. I don't know how I did it either, but perhaps lots of wine helped.

I'm kidding! Really, Mom, I didn't drink that much, and I never had to drive home either!

But the kidlet's last day of school was December 22, which is not coincidentally the last time I posted here. And they don't go back to school until next Monday, but I managed to grab my laptop off of their laps, and now I'm back, sweet sweet internet! How I have missed you!

The bad news around here is that Toshiba laptops suck. Officially. I had one that I bought about 18 months ago, and the DC port broke. That means that the place where you plug in the cord so you can run the computer on electrical power? It broke off so the adapter officially connected to NOTHING! So, once the battery wears down, YOU CAN'T RECHARGE IT!

I sent the puppy off to get repaired under an extended warranty. The day it came back, the Pony's official school Toshiba laptop failed to recharge. Yes, it appears it's done the same thing. So she has no laptop for the entire winter break. And then, today? The newly repaired Toshiba no longer recharges either.

THIS IS BAD NEWS, PEOPLE, because it means there are three of us at home this week, and only 2 working computers. Which means one of us has to not use the computer. And by "one of us" I mean me. Usually. Which is the real reason for my silence over the last two weeks. Plus houseguests and Christmas and activities and New Years and mostly just enjoying my little family.

It's been a wonderful break; I have wonderful girls and a festive house and a cute dog and a marvelous husband. This past year has truly been one of the best years of my life, and I am very very grateful for the life that I have. May we all have an equally good 2007.

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