Friday, January 12, 2007

Christmas Is Going

So, Christmas is over, and I have almost everything put away for another year. There is a compost heap worth of gift bags and gift boxes to sort and put away, and a few stray items that need to be ferried to the basement, but come into my house, and you don't see sybaritic holiday excess any more.

Which is a refreshing change, especially in my darling little house. Remove the tree, and suddenly there is a Whole! Lot! of Extra! Room! in the room. Take away the swags and velvet and crystal and glass and the house suddenly achieves a sort of Zen spareness. In comparison, I mean, as no Zen practitioner would ever come inside my house and mistake it for anything but a Low Maintenance Diva abode.

But still.

But, I know I promised some pictures, and it appears that Blogger will allow me to post some, so here you are:

The "Varsity Reading Club" sweatshirt.

The Jane Austen Action Figure!

Beanbag Maleficent and Dragon.

And Happy New Year to All.

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