Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In Which We See I Am Easily Amused

I can't help it, but my kids just crack me up. You will doubtless not find this as funny as I did--even the girls don't understand why I lost it with this exchange. But trust me--I literally clapped my hand over my mouth and just shook.

The girls were discussing the lack of realism in one of the Harry Potter movies: apparently, Harry sustained a major injury on the inside of his forearm, but entire scenes later still hadn't started to bleed.

Pony: "It's like, 'Why aren't you bleeding yet?' and Harry says 'I have lazy blood!'" I'm serious, its this huge cut down his arm, and you can die from a cut like that.

Bunny: If you poke your artery here (pointing to her neck, in the vicinity of the carotid artery) you can die.

Pony: And if you poke right behind your ear (demonstrating on her sister) you can't die, but it can really hurt!

And that's where I lost it. I mean, I was channeling some "Girl Interrupted" drama, where Angelina Jolie hold a pen to her neck and threatens suicide--we were having a conversation about how you could kill someone (or yourself) really quickly, but then it suddenly turned into a poking contest. And Pony managed to keep her tone of voice perfectly in character, as if she were imparting esoteric and dangerous information. Information of the type that secret agents need, to avoid capture and torture, for example, or information that could cause grievous bodily harm if not kept secret.

Shouldn't Bunny have come back and said something like "Yeah, and if you blow a raspberry on someone's stomach, it really tickles!"

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