Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why I Am A Danger To Myself

So I've been having these weird bruises showing up on my arms, but I don't remember hitting anything, and they don't even hurt. On the other hand (or arm--ha ha) I have this pain in my left shoulder and on the inside joint of my left wrist, and I don't know why.

The wrist has been particularly painful this week. It hurts when I pull the seatbelt across myself, and it's made wearing a watch nearly impossible. In fact, I thought maybe it was my watch--the one I've been wearing recently is a cute enameled one from Chicos, but it has been leaving behind green marks on my skin.

So, I took the watch off, and have been hoping that this pain would heal. It hasn't, particularly. Could it be carpel tunnel? Well, that seems unlikely, since it's not the hand I mouse with, and my other hand is just fine.

It is a puzzlement. But I think I may have solved it.

I went to the kidlets' volleyball games last night, and we parent cheer everything. We cheer for good serves, we cheer for good volleys, we cheer for good hustles. We do a lot of cheering. And at some point during the evening, I realized my wrist hurt more than it had earlier.

Turns out, when I clap my hands (which I do a lot of during these games--it goes with the cheering) I slam the thumb of my right hand onto the wrist bone of my left hand. If I can just learn a different way to clap, I might actually cure this.

Let's check. Yup. "Dork" is still there on my forehead from yesterday. Except I think it's "kroD" because I wrote it while looking in the mirror.

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