Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Something At The Bottom Of The Garden

Something is going on that I can't explain. There are dozens and dozens of LBJ (Little Brown Jobber) birds picking through the grass in my back yard. If I had spread grass seed, I'd guess that's what it was--but no. No such winterizing/gardening responsibility by me this year!

I just looked up, and where there had been a blue jay--a blue jay! Sharing?!? When does THAT ever happen--there is something with a bright flash of red on its neck. I'm peering through the screen, trying to decide what it is. A mourning dove? Is it that big? No, not really that big, and the beak seems a bit long, but it is bigger than the blue jay had been. . .

Suddenly, it lifts its wings and sails off to cling to the side of a tree. Ahh! That explains it--a woodpecker.

I don't understand what is so tasty in my yard that even the woodpecker in on the ground, though. Ornithologist I am not!

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