Sunday, October 21, 2007

San Francisco In The Fall

I know! You are just dying to see all my pictures from our trip to San Francisco. But we only got back last night! Oh well, you are such good friends, that I'll show you some. Since you insist.

We stayed at a very nice hotel in Walnut Creek, just across the street from the BART and one mile from Suefunky's house. When you walk in your hotel room, you are greeted with this artistic still life.

The room is all dark, but for this one spotlight. Chi chi, no?

The bed was big and fluffy--and they will thoughtfully sell any of the pieces of the bedding that you like. I'd recommend ordering it from their marketing materials, rather than stealing the used ones from the room.

They had high speed internet, but it was not wireless, so I actually had to sit at a desk to surf! Positively antediluvian!

Because this hotel was attached to a health club (which is it's big marketing idea), there was bottled water in the bathroom, but no mini bar, no refrigerator, no honor bar $15 Hershey bars.
Which was kind of too bad, since there also wasn't any Diet Coke to feed my habit.

Then I found this present. It was on a shelf behind two artfully arranged 2 pound hand weights--which I also recommend against taking from the room, and they make the luggage that much heavier to carry.

What could it be? Something to make up for the lack of life-giving, soul comforting carbonated beverages, perhaps. Maybe some Mrs. Field's cookies, or perhaps a basket of walnuts--we were in Walnut Creek, mind you! I was very curious!

Fortunately, the rest of the trip was better than that.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. But is that really a roll of foil toilet paper? (grin)