Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Leading A Double Life

I happened to catch Letterman last night--extended guest, George Clooney.

Let's just take a moment, okay?


Boyfriend is lookin' fine, I must say. He remains clever, charming, funny, self-effacing, handsome. . .


Anyway--Letterman managed to find some old footage of Clooney pre-ER, back from 1989--a seven episode run of an ABC series called Sunset Beat. Clooney characterized it as "undercover agent by day, rock star by night. That series just sells itself, doesn't it?"

And I must say, I was fascinated. Just how do you have a double life like that anyway? Undercover agent by day, sure, I can buy it, but rock star by night? Doesn't that just give you away in your day job?

I mean, can you imagine, say Mick Jagger being able to go incognito anywhere? David Bowie? Bruce Springsteen? It just doesn't work! To say nothing about the overtime you'd have to pull to do both jobs at once.

(In the interest of not totally being an old rock geezer, I'll mention. . .Pete Wentz? Pete Doherty? Kid Rock?)

There is probably only one man who could truly combine those kind of professions:

That's right. Buckaroo Bonzai.

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Mrs. G. said...

George Clooney is my imaginary boyfriend of the month...he just keeps getting better with age.