Tuesday, October 16, 2007

They're At It Again!

Bunny and Pony are having dinner together in the dining room. You can tell they are having a good time, because the volume is turned up to "raucous."

That's the thing with these girls: they get so engaged in their stories and interactions that the punchlines of their jokes tend to get VERY LOUD. It's hard to listen to, because the actual words they are saying get lost in the VERY LOUD VOICES.

But tonight, it couldn't be a sweeter sound: because Pony has been sick for at least the last four days, lying in bed and looking like a pale imitation of herself. She's been in to the nurse practitioner, on antibiotics for 48 hours, and not getting better. This afternoon, she hit a skid, and felt absolutely terrible--and looked it too.

And then, about an hour after that, she started to feel better. You can look in her eyes and the spark that is Pony is there again! By dinner time, she was feeling well enough to be silly with her sister, and that was the very best sound I've heard for several days.

Me (to Bunny): It is so good to hear your sister laughing again, it makes my little heart go pitty-pat.

Bunny: You mean your Evil heart?

Me: Yes, my wrinkled, cold, hard heart, that lies like a dried-up peach pit in my chest. That one.

Bunny: It grew three sizes today!

My children--they know me too well.

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