Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Sobering Thought

So, I am cleaning out my closet, in conjunction with the switch from Summer to Winter wardrobe. Unusually, for me, I am also taking on the stuff that is piled up on the closet shelves. It has all come out and been piled on the bed.

Take everything out, only put what is important back.

Among useful bags from DisneyWorld, and extra sets of sheets, and a collection of trinkets to be delivered by the Tooth Fairy, are the baby things.

Two little cellophane boxes, one with the christening bonnet, and one with the satin baby shoes. The bonnet has stitches that can be unpicked, turning it into a handkerchief to be carried at a wedding. I bought those for Pony, who was baptized January 30, 1994. Pony just turned 14.

Do they go back in? Well, why not? Heck--she's probably halfway to getting married anyway.


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