Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Perils Of Autumn

It's cold here. Straight into late autumn after a long weekend of humid June weather. It's most confusing--I had some of the right clothes for this new climate available, but only summer shoes. You know--the kind that don't go with socks. I actually borrowed a pair from Pony, since I don't have time today to replace the summer wardrobe and find the fall shoes.

Because today was going to be Big Day At The Studio. Mr. Sweetie was off on a business trip (wheels up at 6:30--gruesome, isn't it?) so I had to take the girls to school. Which meant that I had to be up and dressed and mobile by 7:30. What a great opportunity to get down to the studio and get a full day in! This was going to be great!


Isn't there always an "except?"

Except that when I got there, I didn't have my office keys. I keep them on a separate keyring from my car and house keys, so I don't look like the janitor all the time. And they weren't in the place I keep them in my purse. So there I am, standing outside my studio door, rooting around in my purse, pulling everything out, rooting around in my bag, my pockets. . .they aren't here! They aren't anywhere!

Uh oh. Because I also don't know where my iPod is. I usually bring it inside the house with me, ever since my cute mini got stolen. Usually. Did I manage to leave the iPod and my keys in the car and have them stolen? Surely I'd have some sign of someone going through my stuff. Right?

So, I had to walk the three blocks back to where I parked my car and came home. No windows were broken. . .nothing seemed to be missing from my glove compartments. . .the car was locked, so it would have been forced, and no sign of that. . .

I get inside and scan all the surfaces where things like keys and iPods get set. Not in the entryway, not on the dining room table, not on the counters in the kitchen, or by the computer. Oh dear. This is going to require some looking. So, since it's warm enough, I take off my zippered sweatshirt and hang it on the back of a chair. It swings awkwardly, as the keys in the pocket have their own momentum.


The office keys AND the iPod were in the pocket of the jacket I wore yesterday.

That's the trouble with these rapid weather changes--all those skills you need (e.g., emptying your coat pockets every day) just don't come back fast enough.

Yup. I'm writing "I'm a dork" on my forehead right now.

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~moe~ said...

When I came back from a trip to the cities this weekend, I spent 15 minutes searching for my house keys in my bags (I also don't like looking like a janitor). When I finally found them, in an inside zipper pocket of the new purse, I felt like an idiot. I immediately came in my apartment and nailed 3 nails in the wall to hang my keys. I know this won't help the purse situation, but I tend to lose my keys on the counter too.
Maybe I just need to clean my house. hmmm