Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Okay, This Is Depressing.

I heard from a friend of ours that a documentary exists of suicides off the Golden Gate Bridge. Not that that is a depressing subject or anything.

"What did you do on your vacation last weekend?"
"We walked across the Golden Gate Bridge."
"Oh, did you know that there is an average of one suicide every three weeks of the Golden Gate Bridge? There was this guy who trained a camera on it for about six months, 24/7. He claimed he was trying to capture 'the play of light' or something, but what he really wanted to catch were the suicides. Did you know that something like 98% of suicides are facing away from the city?"
"That's odd. You have to cross traffic to get to the other side. It takes extra determination to do that."
"Well, it's like they are turning their backs on the world, and facing the abyss."

That is almost too poetic for me: too metaphorical for a depressed and suicidal mind. There has got to be something more basic--like thinking they are less likely to be seen and stopped, or something. Less likely to meet another person who would try to talk them out of it, maybe.

But, maybe I am wrong. Maybe the only way to do something as potentially fatal and tragic as that means you have to embrace the abyss.

Just so you don't change your mind partway down.

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