Friday, November 09, 2007

When Common Sense Isn't

It has turned cold here in the Great White North. The leaves are still falling off the trees, but the water in the water dishes at the dog park has chunks of ice.

We have pulled out the winter coats, to see what still fits, and what much be replaced. Winter coats are officially too small here at Chez Evil (even if they fit around the middle and are easy to zip up) when I can see the wrist bones sticking out.

Even Bermondsey has been wearing a jacket when he's outside, because it's just that cold.

So why, in the name of all that is cold and frosty, was the woman in the checkout lane wearing flip-flops?


~moe~ said...

I think she's tempting fate and refusing to give in to the fact it's winter.

I'm doing it too...but only in my house. I hate cold.

Cate Ross said...

I hadn't really thought about that, but you must be right. I'm usually way behind the weather, myself, and even I had already put away my summer wardrobe and gotten the winter cozies out. There is some powerful denial going on if somebody has the summer stuff out even later than I do!