Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Calling Terry Pratchett Fans

For those of you who have read and loved the Discworld series of books, this post is for you. For those of you who haven't yet read these funny and satirical British books, this might be a path to a great new author.

Is there anybody who has read these books and doesn't love them? Statistically there must be, but I find it hard to believe.

ANYWAY (yes, I was an English Major--can't you tell by my smooth and literary transistions?)

In 2006, the BBC made a 4 hour version of Hogfather, the Discworld's version of A Christmas Carol. In this book, the Hogfather (fat jolly man, red suit, flying sleigh pulled by four wild boars, delivers presents to kiddies, keeps a list of Naughty and Nice) is missing on Hogswatch Eve. This could cause great problems, so Death (tall skinny guy, black robes, scythe) steps in. It won a bunch of British awards last year, and now it is finally available in the US.

It was aired on ION television last Sunday, which we knew about, but since we were traveling, we tried to videotape it. It was not successful. The good news is that you can buy the DVD from Borders! It is exclusively at Borders, although it will be generally available in March, or some stupid time like that.

But don't wait until March! Get it now, while it is still in season! We got ours yesterday, and are well into the third hour. Some of the characters are just spot on, especially Death and his granddaughter Susan. Personally, I find the idea of a 7 foot tall skeleton wearing a red suit with a pillow stuck in front to be sufficiently funny to carry the whole film. Fortunately, it's better than that.

There is a tiny bit of Doctor Who type shortcuts in the technical effects, but the visualizations are so good that a little bit of bouncing Styrofoam is forgivable.

So, check it out--it's a modern alternative for anyone who has outgrown Charlie Brown.

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