Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Grammar Etiquette

I saw a group of four people having lunch together this afternoon. They were distinctive because they were signing--a storm of conversation in silence. It led me to wonder if there are sign language grammar and etiquette rules for sign language like there is for email.

  • Don't talk with your hands full
  • Don't wear red nail polish--that's like yelling, or typing in all caps
  • Speak slowly for people with bad vision
  • Be patient with people who speak slowly due to arthritis
  • Only use internet abbreviations when the audience is appropriate. LMAO is not appropriate for talking to your grandmother.
  • Proper spelling counts!

1 comment:

~moe~ said...

That is too funny. One of my friends in college was deaf (still is, I think) and he and his wife would talk like this all the time. they were hilarious. I'm sad to say the only words I remember are turtle, hungry and horny. Not sure where the turtle comes in but the other two make perfect sense to remember.