Monday, June 04, 2007

Bad News, Good News and Studio Delays

Well, it's June now, and I don't have keys to my studio. Because my studio isn't ready. Because--like so damn much of my life--complications have arisen.

This time, it's the floor and the lights. I bought lights and delivered them last week. On Friday, I found out that the track lights won't work, because it's a recessed system that lies flat against the ceiling, and since the ceiling is actually concrete--the lights can't be recessed. Sure, we can jury-rig something, but that's just not a good idea. Especially since I spoke to the electrician, and he seems to be without any ideas as to how to jury-rig it. Relying on me for electrical installation advice? Not good.

So, I bought a different set of lights, and will have to return the originals. Fortunately they are all unopened. Unfortunately, I don't know where the receipt is. Let's all cross our fingers and hope that Home Depot can look it up electronically.

More bad news--when I delivered the lights, I got a chance to look at the carpeting that was on the floor. OMG was it foul! Stains, wear patterns, large blotches of what looked like oil tars, droppings of plaster and white paint all over. It clearly had to go. And, fortunately, there are plenty of cool things one can do to a concrete floor. Acid etching, paint, overlay--lots of options.

Except the floor is not concrete under the carpet. It's tile. Vinyl tile, or even maybe asbestos. Linoleum-type tile is what we're talking here. Ugly and cracked linoleum-type tile all covered with sepia mastic from the carpeting, and no way to remove it.

But! There is an option! The flooring contractors that the building uses use Armstrong EXCELON (TM) vinyl tiles, and they come in a profusion of colors! Including purple! Which is probably what I was going to paint the concrete floor that didn't exist anyway!

So, back to the drawing board--I need to decide colors for floor and walls and then order it and either install it myself or have it installed. But at least there is color!

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