Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tech Lust

Yes, I confess. Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I lust after the new iPhone.

Which is totally stupid, because hello? I'm getting the whole map thing in the dashboard OF MY NEW CAR! Where I would ACTUALLY use it!

Plus, I already HAVE a iPod. Which holds about FIVE TIMES more data than the iPhone does. AND has pretty pretty cases that are variously purple and shiny! Which you can't put on an iPhone because you use the whole darn front to work the dang thing.

Plus, it would be cheaper to just have one of those broadband/phone thingies for my laptop, if I wanted to have internet access anywhere--especially since I ALREADY HAVE THE LAPTOP.

So I ask you: Do you think Steve Jobs has figured out how to put crack in his hardware? Is there such a thing as "visual crack" that you can put into design? There was that infamous episode of Pokemon that supposedly put kids in the hospital through the use of flashing colors. Has Apple figured out how to make people into retail zombies so we see the newest gadget and mindless proceed to the nearest store and buy it?

I mean, logically, there is no reason I would want to spend that kind of money on a phone? When you can get all kinds of phones FOR FREE! Plus, why would I want to pay that much in service charges to AT&T? We're talking about easily 4 times what I pay in monthly fees for my current cell phone. The iPhone really only duplicates what I already have, so I'd only be paying substantially more for. . .what?

For that hunk of gorgeous gadgetry, that's what. It's like Steve Jobs has surgically damaged my amygdala, and now I can't control myself. All I can do is think "I want I want I want."

This is such a First World problem, I am embarrassed for myself. But not too embarrassed to post this!

Edited To Add: check out the price calculations from Salon.com here.

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