Thursday, June 19, 2008

So! How Are The Children?

This is apparently a well known African greeting--meaning that if the children are doing well then the society is doing well. There are many political subtleties inherent in this, which I am not going to go into.

Life is too short right now.

The children, BTW are doing fine. Pony is volunteering at the Children's Museum and having a lot of fun with it. She's 14, and is taking the city bus to work and home again. I spent about 35 seconds feeling guilty for not taking her myself, but of course I realize that in a NORMAL world, she would have been taking a school bus everyday since she was 5, and it is NOT neglect to let a human being who is almost old enough to DRIVE get herself through an 11 minute bus ride.

Bunny is enjoying the opportunity to chill out and feed her Newsies mania through You Tube. I came downstairs one morning to see her sitting with the laptop, all dressed in black, with a Post-It note (TM) which read:
Do not worry. I am mourning the Newsies set, which burned down.

We let her alone with her grief.

So, me? Posting? Not so much, huh? Do I get an excused absence for the fact that my kids are now out of school for Summer Break? No, I do NOT use the word "vacation" here. I think "break" is apt, as there are days I feel like something is going to break before they go back to school, and I only hope it is something that can be glued.

Anyway, I'm back online and dedicating myself to posting more often. And losing 10 more pounds. And dating George Clooney. (Hey--he never marries any of his girlfriends, so he shouldn't mind if I am already married, right? That means no pressure on the relationship.)

Yes, I live in a fantasy land. But I like it here!

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