Thursday, June 19, 2008

And Now An Opposing Viewpoint

Despite having just listed my Crabby Summer list, I do have to point out that although it is June, we haven't had a day that has officially hit 80 yet. Okay, maybe one. We still regularly wear our jeans because the weather at night is so cool that shorts are simply uncomfortable. Overnight lows have dropped into the 40s this month.

So WHY are all the stores on the face of the planet having their Summer Clearance Sales right now? It's still too cold to go swimming outside, for crap's sake! There is no way the population of Evil-ille is finished buying everything that they will need when the real summer weather hits. Sure, it's lovely having 50% off sales, but not when that means that the next time I go looking for patioware for a summer party, all that will be available are brown plates shaped like autumn leaves! Why do you send all the bathing suits back to stock school uniforms BEFORE THE SUMMER SOLSTICE?

I have kids heading to summer camps at the end of July. Let's just hope Target will still carry mosquito spray by then.

Yes, this is proof positive of the existence of parallel universes--the one in which summer is over by June 15, and the one where the rest of us live.

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