Tuesday, June 10, 2008

At The Zoo With The Improv Twins

I went with Pony and Bunny to the zoo today, and we made a point of visiting the prairie dogs. They have a nice little set up that mimics the dry western states, with plenty of bare dirt, some large rocks, and half a dozen scattered cow skull. No, I don't know if the skulls are real.

Although technically rodents, they are terrifically personable and engaging, and are always busy doing something. As Pony put it, "I know they are considered pests, but I'd rather have an infestation of prairie dogs than, say, cockroaches."

To which I say amen.

But because the kidlets are highly verbal, as well as trained in the art of improv, a trip to the zoo is not just a chance to see the animals, but to also engage in a running voice-over, narrating events as they happen. Thus, the sight of two prairie dogs standing on their haunches nibbling hay lead to this exchange:

Hello chubby little prairie dog. Are you on a diet? You look like you could lose a little weight. Is that your lunch? I'm going to call you "Lunchy." Luncy is a vegetarian, you know.

Oh? As compared to all the other prairie dog carnivores?

Yes. Look at all the skulls. You see, at night, they dig out of their habitat, and they go over there (the next area) and they grab one of the bison and bring it back. Then they roast it.

Prairie dogs have discovered fire?

Yes. They sneak out at night, carry the bison back upside down, with its feet pointing up in the air, and they take it underground, where they have their underground cooking fire. If you could see inside their burrows, you would see they have prairie dog planning sessions, where they all stand around in a circle, then they clap their paws and say "Break!"

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