Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dear Fug Girls

Dear Fug Girls (and Intern George);

Please please please please please consider shoes when assessing outfits for fugliness. I appreciate your recent post on Who Fugged It Better, but could you take a moment to notice that Lake Bell's shoes are at least one size too big? Which is, at least, a departure from the formerly ubiquitous trend of wearing sandals at least one size too small, so that little toes stuck out oddly from the sides, and all the toes overhung the ends of shoes as if the stars in question were multitasking by using red carpet events to practice their surfing technique of "hanging ten."

Your friend,

The Mistress Of All Evil

P.S. Can we go drink margaritas together sometime? I want you both to be my new Very Bestest Friends.

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