Sunday, March 02, 2014

Oscars Red Carpet--The Empty Carpet

We have Ryan Seacrest in a cream colored jacket, which looks weird to me against the white shirt. What did they wear back in the 1950s, when white dinner jackets were so chic?

The hosts are talking to each other, because there is nobody there. It's the empty carpet segment.

Now there is a new camera being introduced--it looks a lot like the back scatter TSA thing you have to go through. Are we going to see people with their arms up, assuming the position? Taking off their shoes?

Does this also mean that they have retired the much reviled "ManiCam?" One can only hope.

Interesting factoid--Among the Best Actor nominees, only one (Christian Bale) already has an Oscar. Among Best Actress, the opposite--only Amy Adams doesn't already have an Oscar.

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