Sunday, March 02, 2014

Oscar Red Carpet--Before Midnight edition

Julie Delpy is wearing something that is highly age inappropriate. She is a beautiful woman, but she's wearing this thing that looks like something Jennifer Lopez probably already wore. It's deeply plunging, and Delpy's boobs look droopy, her shoulders look sloped and rounded, she just looks generally saggy, and the color is doing nothing for her skin tone. It's Jenny Packham--Delpy doesn't have the body that Catherine Cambridge has--it's just sad.

Lupita Nyong'o with Seacrest. She's carrying the dress in exactly the way Delpy wasn't. This is Lupita's first role out of school--I hadn't actually heard that. Not sure I'm liking the headband and earring combination she's got going on with a complicated hair look--she's doing with her head what Kristin Bell is doing with her dress. The dress is Prada, it's a classic Grecian gown, but she says it reminds her of Nairobi. And they are making her do the ManiCam.

Anna Kendrick in J Mendel. Don't like it.

Naomi Watts  in white Calvin Klein and she's walking on the hem. The clutch is great and geometric and the necklace too, but I think they fight with the more clumpy beading on the dress. Live Schriber is "home with the kids, has an early call in the morning."

June Squibb in a lovely age appropriate green Tadashi Shoji, custom for her. It's nicely constructed, with some lines that give her shape and she looks great. And she's 84! Love her emerald earrings too.

Jared Leto with June Squibb, he's flirting with her and they are playing up as if they are dating. It's very nice. Leto is wearing the white jacket--twins with Seacrest, but a burgundy tie. Then they spend all their time talking about Leto's mom.

And now--checking out the ABC coverage--which traditionally has the same stars, just after E! does, because they are closer to the entrance.

Anna Kendrick again--I like her earrings, little fans with tassels, but still very very busy as a whole look. She's got a cool red clutch. The dress is showing some side-boob, still do not like.

Amy Adams looks better on ABC--the lighting shows her colors better--the blue looks somewhat brighter, but still so seriously understated. She's calling it her "Vertigo homage" as Kim Novak is being honored tonight.

Benedict Cumberbatch on E!. His hair is too well groomed. I like the ruffled Sherlock curls better. He looks dapper, he's delightful, he's gone and Kevin Spacey is here as a producer for Captain Phillips I think?

Jessica Biel in Chanel Couture, alone and ManiCam. Her dress is very close to her skin toneIt's understated, it's fine. Nice row of buttons down the back.

Bette Midler, Rheem Acra in red and white. She looks great.

Sally Hawkins was hovering behind Bette, in a major dress and I didn't recognize her, but that was a dress I wanted to see more of. Lots of encrusted needing and appliqué, in an over the top Valentino that doesn't look like too much.

Sarah Paulson also in a glittery skin-colored dress (skin colored because it is almost exactly her skin color.) Elie Saab--this is giving sort of a Britney Spears vibe she and Sally Hawkins are pushing--and also Cate Blanchett seems to have the same thing going. She's just stepped up--is it Britney Spears, or is it Olympic Skater? Netting, scattered sparkles, her version has paillettes and bugle beads and it's kind of mangy looking really.

Major earrings. I do like those. Giorgio Armani--are the earrings diamond or opals?

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