Sunday, March 02, 2014

Oscars Red Carpet--25 Minutes Left of E!'s Monopoly

About 25 minutes until ABC starts its own Red Carpet coverage, so there will be some switching back and forth.

Olivia Wilde's dress IS Valentino, which is what Julia Roberts' one was back in the day. Jason Sudekis is presenting? Why?  Her makeup--definite cat eye--very Sophia Loren. The earrings feel very 70s. Sudekis is showing us his official cheat sheet for pronouncing foreign language nominees.

Chewtel Ejiofor is here alone? Lovely English accent he's got.

Amy Adams in Gucci couture and Tiffany jewels. Her hair is pulled back and muted as well. She's gorgeously tailored, with a tiny tiny waist, but she looks so boring for a big night. This is the look of someone who doesn't expect to win. Compare her look to Jennifer Lawrence last year, and JLaw was taking up space, while Amy Adams is kind of slipping in unnoticed.

Idina Menzel --nothing else to say than what I already said. She's spending a lot of time dealing with her hair. Vera Wang dress.

Lupia Nyong'o in a Grecian pleated icy blue gown. John Legend performing at the Governor's Ball. Chrissy Teigen in a brown and pink Monique Lhullier, with pockets to hold the iPhone. She's got interesting pink stone earrings.

Anna Kendrick--not great. There's a slit, some black tinted netting, a cut out at the waist with stones, a bunch of straps in the back, Too much.

Pharrell--wearing formal capris, but no hat. Fine. Weird. Musician. Lanvin made the tux shorts.

Getting a full view of Kristin Bell's dress--there's a weird texture thing happening from the knees down. Trend Spotting--overly busy dress tailoring.

Laura Dern with her Dad and Mom, since Bruce is actually nominated. Mom is in a plain black turtleneck jersey with sparkly major earrings and clutch. Laura has a light pink structured dress. It's a little too tight around the top--opposite problem from Chenowith.

June Squibb was caught in the FashionCam nonsense--the light is still terrible, bleaching out the image.

For Red Carpet coverage, there is precious little actual fashion being discussed here. Seacrest is interviewing, which is fine, but you can't see the outfits. The camera that is supposed to capture the fashion is crappy, and the commentary from Ross and Kelly is apparently also experiencing technical problems and they can't see anything. Kelly has pulled out binoculars, and the two of them are punchy and even more unprofessional than usual.

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