Sunday, March 02, 2014

Oscars, Part 3

Kate Hudson is looking fabulous, with the posture that Julie Delpy needed to pull off her dress. It's a perfect mix of satin, sparkle, plunge and perfect fit. She is maturing into very lovely looks--I didn't quite recognize her.

Let's order pizzas, Ellen!

I liked that Ellen called back to the Lotto scratch-off cards she gave to Bradley Cooper (as a consolation prize to losing to Jared Leto) when he comes out to announce documentary awards.

20 Feet From Stardom just won! And it's not about a heavy subject matter! A movie about back up singers just won over a movie about genocide? What universe have we entered? And now Darlene Love is belting at the mike, so there is no way the orchestra can try to play her off--they couldn't possible be heard.

Governor's Awards presented separately? Isn't that a change from past years? I seem to remember some Humanitarian or Lifetime Achievement winners getting about 84 minutes of screen time in the middle of the broadcast. I would watch the heck out of a retrospective of Angela Lansbury's career--can we get that online somewhere?

Viola Davis is here in her great emerald gown, but I hadn't noticed her marcelled hair. Pretty awesome. Ewan MacGregor is looking kind of greasy. And Italy wins for The Great Beauty, which I believe I may need to see.

And here we go, with U2 performing on the Oscars. These have been really excellent performances tonight. We have come so far from the years of Debbie Allen choreographing awkward interpretive dances to the musical nominees. This is what happens when you let the actual performers--people who actually perform music for their (incredibly remunerative) livings.

This group selfie is pretty awesome, Ellen. Totally awesome. And generous, sweet, and a complete tonal shift from last year's host Seth MacFarlane. Who thought "We Saw Your Boobs" was a good idea? Looks even worse an idea after something as cute as this group selfie bit.

"Michael B. Jordan, and Kristin B. Ell. What?"

I don't like Kristin's dress as a whole, but it makes her d├ęcolletage look FABULOUS.

Perhaps the best part of giving the Sound awards to Gravity is that so much of the sound was limited to what would actually be transmitted through the vacuum.

Supporting Actress:
I predict: Lupita Nyong'o
The winner: Lupita Nyong'o

Well, now Yale Drama School will have its pick of applicants. And I wrote that before she called it out!
She's holding it together so much better than Halle Berry did, and she is SO YOUNG!

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