Sunday, March 02, 2014

Oscars 2014

Okay! Got your snacks and your drinks? Wearing your satin lounging pajamas? Ready to do this?


Here's what's going to happen: I will start blogging with fashions on E!, until I simply cannot stand Giuliana any more. (I'm no Seacrest fan, either, but he's practically Walter Cronkite next to Giuliana "Inappropriate Comments About Women's Bodies" Rancic.)

I will post during commercial breaks and then start a new post. Perhaps, if I'm feeling like I want to be thorough, I might go back and find photos to illustrate.

If it's offering enough for commentary, I'll go ahead and continue through the ceremony itself.

But at any point, I absolutely reserve the right to abandon this project entirely and just watch.

Final question--is there any point in E! running a "Countdown to the Red Carpet"--do you think we will actually like Giuliana more if we spend even more time with her? And her dress? Very prom, too much tulle. Beside her, Kelly Osbourne looks sophisticated and elegant--even with her lavender hair. Kelly's got a black tea length thing, with long sleeves, some interesting texture. Who would have called that?

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