Sunday, March 02, 2014

Oscar Red Carpet--Social Media

There is also E! branded social media. Because of course there is. I will not be checking that out or reporting on that at all.

Ross and Kelly--do not care. Kelly stood in the TSA/Glam cam--and it's predictably terrible. The camera rotates around and picks up lens flare from the shiny metal posts that support the thing. Terrible terrible--but nobody has mentioned ManiCam.

We learn that Jared Leto is 42 years old, and is the oldest of the Supporting Actor nominees. Turns out age really is just a number.

And still--nobody worth talking to. So--more ads!

So, instead of posting this during the ads, I'm holding onto this in case there is anything else worth commenting on.

Retrospective on Sandra Bullock's award season dresses. Won't recap that. They have at least learned that they have too much time, not enough celebrities, so they have all kinds of pre-taped things to fill the time. And filler it is.

Finally! Viola Davis--a real celebrity being interviewed!

Gorgeous deep green asymmetrical Escada she is wearing, claiming that green is her go-to color.

Meanwhile, the main picture is some arriving stars.

Kristin Chenoweth in a pixie cut, and a gold dress that doesn't really fit around the bust.

Liza Minelli has a deep blue streak in her hair to match her shirt/dress.

Olivia Wilde from the back in a black dress with white earrings and a white pleat down the back that makes a train maybe?

Turns out that Ross and Kelly are in a "skybox" which is actually just a tent on the roof of the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. Not actually glamorous, I'm actually surprised they showed us that, because it totally punctures the image of glamor.

Portia Di Rossi in a dress that looks like a macrame plant holder from 1972. It's apparently Neem Khan, and faux sheer, it's nice, but maybe a bit too doily/gramma's lace tablecloth for my taste.

Liza went past while Seacrest was talking to Di Rossi--that is a Major Miss, isn't it?

Chenowith in the Stupid "Fashion Turn" camera booth. It's all jerky and not at all well lit, so actually hard to see the dress for the lens flares.

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