Sunday, March 02, 2014

Oscars, Part 2

Is there something ironic about having Samuel L. Jackson present for hair? Well, he talks about it, but the award is actually costume design, which goes to The Great Gatsby. Did I predict that? Nope--I thought it was going to go to 12 Years.

Hair and makeup did go to Dallas Buyers Club, which I did predict!

Wow--we've got an average of one award every 12 minutes. At this rate, the show is going to go nearly FIVE HOURS. Okay, then.

The "conversation" between Kim Novak and Matthew McConaughey is really awkward. He's trying to be gracious, she seems to be careening off-script, he's trying to follow, and it's really really odd. Short animated film--I only saw the one from Disney, which I'm happy to see not win. It was fine, but felt like the kind of gimmicky show that lives in the "shows" at Disney World. It will have a long and productive life there.

Best animated feature film:
I predict: Frozen.
The winner: Frozen!

Interesting factoid: I heard that the envelope and papers, seals, and back-ups that may also be delivered to winners AFAIK--each one cost over $300. The stationery budget for this show is HUGE!

Sally Field has a lovely and sparkly jet dress with short sleeves and full skirt. Very attractive and flattering. Another tribute to "Heroes"--this time they are real people who have had stories made into movies. So--more filler. Because these award shows aren't long enough, and we are expected to recognize all these movies. I happen to, but there are a couple that I can't identify. So I guess they are pretty iconic, because I haven't seen badly any of them.

Emma Watson is wearing the heck out of a modern and fresh classic gown, but I can't sign off on her make-up. She's so lovely, and somebody went heavy-handed on her face, which is really too bad. Visual effects:

I predict: Gravity.
The winner: Gravity.

Karen O performing "The Moon Song" from Her. Nice to have a chance to see how nicely a punk goddess can clean up. Hated the song inside the movie, thought it made the Artificial Intelligence seem cliched and hackneyed as it tried to write a song. I do like the staging of it here, with her shoes off and placed on the stage next to her--that's exactly the kind of moment that song evokes.

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