Monday, February 23, 2009

Short Takes From The Oscars

From the top of my head:
  • The "Slumdog Millionaire backlash" apparently didn't happen until after the ballots were in.
  • Hugh Jackman (and his huge ackman) proved that the Oscars don't really need a host--just a voiceover announcer and a traffic cop backstage to run the presenters out in order.
  • After the medley of Best Songs, it becomes clear just how bad Debbie Allen's choreography was for all those years.
  • Sweetest moment: Kate Winslet accepting for Best Actress asking her dad to "whistle or something" so she could find him, and then a sharp whistle coming out of the dark and her excited reaction to the sound.
  • Funniest moment: Hugh Jackman's opening number, an allegedly no-budget tribute to the Best Picture nominees--"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Craigslist Dancers!"
  • Worst Fashion momen: Every damn ad by JCPenney.
  • Most Enthusiastic nominee: Anne Hathaway, sitting in the front row and cheering and hooting through the 3.5 hour show. I just love Anne Hathaway.
  • Two moments when I walked away from the TV: Bill Maher as presenter--smarmy and completely missing the light touch he needed to pull off his references to his own (unnominated) movie; and everything that had to do with Jerry Lewis.
A good show--it ran tightly, it managed to be a bit more educational to those of us who have no idea about what the various more technical awards are about, nobody looked heinous, no real surprises (except maybe Sean Penn being humble while accepting his award), and no disasters.

More later.

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Thank you. Made my day.