Friday, February 27, 2009

Bitch Gets Served

Man, I gotta be careful what I grouse about. I posted this series of complaints (poetic, yes, but still complaining), took a shower and came out to near white-out conditions. It's like God said, "You complaining about monochrome? I'll GIVE you monochrome." The snow had been drifting down like someone sifting flour, but 20 minutes later, it was filling the air nearly solid.

It was so snowy that even the dog--who usually is willing to go as many more blocks as he can get away with--didn't make it all the way around one. Tonks and Sursels remember only one snow day in the 10 years of attending their school, and school closed early.

Driving to pick them up, the snow was so heavy that I could see maybe 200 feet in front of me--that means that I couldn't even see traffic lights until I was 4 houses away from the intersections. At least one car got stuck on the piled up snow IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. I watched an SUV fishtail its way around a left turn and nearly end up facing the direction it came from. That weather was nasty!

So today? Brilliant cloudless blue sky. Light so bright you might be fooled into thinking it's summer already. A good 5 inches of snow, which even now is starting to melt off the roofs.

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