Monday, February 23, 2009

Name Changes?

While watching the Oscars last night, I was informed that Cpt. Sweetie had cast a hypothetical story of the kidlets' lives. Sursels, he decided, would be best played by Drew Barrymore. Tonks agreed. So, who would play Tonks? I thought perhaps someone like Diane Lane or Diane Kruger--elegant, smart, strong, lovely. Cpt. Sweetie more or less settled on Charlize Theron--same criteria, higher cheekbones.

My favorite moment? Was when the camera cut to Kate Winslet, and Cpt. Sweetie said with some surprise "She looks just like you!"

How can I not love that man?

So, should I change their names again? Drew and Charlize, or keep Sursels and Tonks?

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Anonymous said...

Those 2 are originals and deserve original names --