Sunday, February 01, 2009

Get On My Boots

Sursels spent the last week up in Northern Minnesota at a Y camp, where they spent much of their time outside, hiking, playing, learning. So I sent my super warm Sorrel boots with her. Which meant I had to find something for me to wear for that week.

I found a pair of black, waterproof ankle boots. They are in no way lined, but the waterproofing seemed to work like some insulation, and as a whole they were quite effective through the cold and snow.

However, the first day I wore them, I stupidly put on a pair of crew socks before heading out, and soon found that having those boots hitting my bare legs was cold and extremely uncomfortable. So before I went to where I was headed, I picked up some knee socks from Target. Funky knee socks. A pack of three, one with strawberries scattered across them, one plain pink, and one black and white striped.

They served to keep my feet warm enough, but for some reason, every time I wear the striped ones, I have this uncontrollable urge to drop a house on myself.

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