Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Weather Report

It is cold today.
It is very very cold.
It is soooooo cold. . .

How cold is it?

It is soo cold that:

  • the lawyers have their hands in their own pockets
  • that the new dishwasher has to thaw before I can run it, because it's frozen solid
  • that the dishwasher installer guy was an hour late because his one week old van wouldn't start, and had to be towed into a warehouse and thawed.
  • it's more than FIFTY degrees colder than it was on Monday.
  • that I shorted out my iPod by taking off my winter coat and releasing a shitload of static
  • that my face is chapped from where it didn't fit under a hat or inside my scarf after a 14 minute dog walk
  • my dog started running up the sidewalk to every house in the neighborhoood--"can we live here now? Please? If we did, we'd be home by now!"
  • school grades are dropping--a 93% looks like 47%, if you figure in the wind chill factor.
The picture is from an email my MIL sent me--it's allegedly from a town in Switzerland named Versoix, which looks as cold as it feels here today. Typically, however, a Minnesota winter is blazingly cold, but not nearly so picturesque.

1 comment:

~moe~ said...

Somehow I bet Versoix doesn't have the fabulous MN/SD winds. UGH>